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Default rear wheel drop down kickstand installation

I'm almost done with my first build and after doing a little cutting and grinding on the rear wheel stand I purchased from BB I noticed after getting everything back together the rear wheel still has some play,as if it isn't torqued down enough. I checked and double checked and torqued the snots out of the axle nuts to the point where I know they have enough torque. My question is; when installing one of these rear wheel kickstand should I have installed the stand on the outside of the axle nuts and used 2 other nuts to fasten it? The way I did it was I installed it on the axle stud (outside the frame obviously) then used the axle nut to torque everything down. I ran out of daylight or I'd still be out there trying to figure it out. On the bright side with the rear wheel off the ground I was able to sit on the bike and use the pedal to kickstart the bike. I managed to get it to idle for about 30 secs after about the 5th try,then I couldn't get her to run again.I took the fuel tank cap off because it seemed like the fuel wasn't siphoning from the tank properly,the line had a constant bubble in it after the filter. Could I have the filter upside down ?
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