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Default Re: My first build. Need some advice and I have some questions.

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
I'd say rethink what you want to do, you went from a pretty good plan of attack on a nice 4 stroke build to a rusty cranebrook build in less than 24 hrs.
That's my thinking, too. For me the difference between a 2 stroke china girl and my first 4 stroke (the one you had on your list) was night and day. Vibration that made my hands( china girl) tingle and vibration free( 4 stroke). Pedal start ( china girl) & using the clutch at every stop/start versus easy pull start and an automatic clutch with the four stroke. I used a different transmission (Q matic), but can say that my four stroke was trouble free, very dependable and I put a lot of miles on it.

Since money is not really the issue (not that you want to waste it) and you're intention is to use it as serious transportation... I'm wondering how much you want a motor bicycle and how interested you are in building one. If you're not really all that interested in building one... just want the cheap transportation, then if it were me I would buy a new European Tomos 2 speed moped for around $1200.00 and be done with it. As you say, you will have money from the sale of your motorcycle and were ready to spend more than that with your proposed build. Nice looking, fun to ride, capable of 40mph, kick start, economical, front and rear suspension, automatic transmission and well made. Buy it today and ride it to work tomorrow. If something is wrong with it take it to the dealer to sort out. Tomos has been around for a long time. Not Chinese.

If you really do want to build a motor bike then do it in stages perhaps and then upgrade with your 300.00 gas tank, etc. . Go ahead and get the frame you like (yes, to the Schwinn straightbar!) get your solid wheels and brakes. If you really are only planning to go 20 mph or less then the 70mm drum up front is OK, but if you're going faster than 30 then the 90mm would be better.

So, you need to do some soul searching and be clear on what you want. I like building bikes and don't mind that it may take a whole winter to build one.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you and safe riding!
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