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Default Better late than never right?

I've been reading this forum for quite some time, joined a little while ago, and started posting fairly recently. Since I never did the formal introduction, I thought I would give everyone the fair deal and take care of it.

My name is Gary.
My back round is ex pro am skateboarding back in the late 80's, A pro BMX through the mid to late 90's, then I dabbled in some motocross, and got into hot rods/rat rods up until about 2005. After that I went back into bicycles (my main passion). Only this time I took up mountain biking. I turned pro in 2007, and still have a full factory frame sponsor today with Resistant Cycles.

I've worked in the bicycle industry my entire life other than opening, and running my hot rod shop for a few years out of Detroit Mi. before moving to Wi. I have worked with a few of the big box companies we all know and love, have spent lots of time in Taiwan working with some of the best design teams in the world to bring some of the products to the market that I am sure a lot of you have seen, ridden, own, or know some one who has.

I worked in the tech dept. for a few companies, and really know my schtuff. I'm not trying to blow my own horn here, but I know how it goes on the old internet forums. I do like to post, offer advise, and help out the best way that I can for other people. However, on the webz, it's tough to not come off as being cocky, or read like a "know it all ass". I'll admit though, it is tough for me to walk into a bike shop and ask for an obscure part, then have some 17 year old kid try and explain to me why I don't want it, and why I should just buy an entire new wheel (and or bike), or whatever, then go back to his park stand, hang a bike by the seat tube while ignoring the cable runners on the clamp, and proceed to loosen a bolt with a pair of lock pliers.

I am new to motorized bicycles, but no stranger to bikes. These little China girls are pretty simple for the most part, but have given me some headaches I haven't had before. This is actually how I found this website. I had to do research. So far I've learned a LOT from a bunch of you guys on here, and I hope to learn a lot more as well as give you all as many tips, and advice as I have to offer.

I am also going into the bicycle business. My riding career is winding down, and sharply coming to an end. I'm turning the big 4 - 0 next week, and the progression level in the sport is passing me by. On top of that, I don't heal as fast as I used to. I will be opening an online store withing the next few months. I am considering carrying motorized bicycle products, but still need to do a lot more research. I have only just got into the hobby. Everyone needs a retirement plan. When it comes to X-sport athletes, the industry doesn't take care of you when you are no longer useful to them. It sucks, but it's just the way it is. I had a lot of great years, I've seen a lot of of foreign countries, cities, etc. Had all my trips, hotels, bikes, parts, fees, everything paid for. So I'm not complaining, but bicycles are what I know and love.

This is why.

Cheers everyone, and nice to meet you all!
Brakes only slow you down.
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