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Default Re: New Build (raw engine)

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
good dawing on the auto-cad photo Jim, I also do auto-cad for work, drawing guards for a industrial plant for their machinery. Ive been doing this work for about 8 years now and truly enjoy my work!
It is fun...especially when you get to see it go from the virtual to reality.

I got started using computers for doing design work in '92. Cadkey 3D wireframe with surface rendering. I was working as the head engineer at a small construction equipment company...I fought the computer thing all-the-way until I saw what an excelent tool it could be. Until then I considered them useless toys as far as a PC was concerned. ProEngineer came out in 89, but it was way out of reach, ($50,000), so I didn't even consider it an option, although at the time I really wanted to get in on it.

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