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Default Re: What's been happening, an update

Originally Posted by TexasDav View Post
Sorry to hear that. No one should have to have that much at one time. Its got to go up from there.
That's for sure!!!

And speaking of things going up...I would think, (if someone has not already done it), that collectively there must be enough spares on the forum to help Nunya get his bike going. I'm just getting started and I don't have a collection of anything really, except engine kit parts.

If you need anything to get back on the road in the way of kit parts let me know.


I know what you mean! Everyone I talk to has said August was the beginning of a huge slow down for thier business. Mine included! If it wasn't for the military stuff I do I would have nothing coming in. All of my other customers are having financial trouble.

The next few years are not going to be pretty for a lot of people...we're going to have to go back to a time when people helped each other out.

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