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Talking Re: My first build. Need some advice and I have some questions.

Thanks guys.

Southpier, good point. There are a couple local dealers around me actually who sell the 48cc 2 strokes, I will look into them.

Chainmaker, I agree, I am a bit confused. I do think bluegoatwood has a point however. It makes more sense to go with something cheap in the meantime that I can just put around my neighborhood if anything to see how I like it. I'd rather spend $200 now and realize "Hey, this isn't for me" rather than $1500 later to realize the same thing.

I should be able to clean up the rusty cranbrook no problem with some vinegar and some aluminum foil (hopefully). I think at most I might have to replace the chain.

By the way chainmaker, your 47 Whizzer H build is where I got a lot of my ideas from
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