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these forums seem to be a little bit more up my alley as far as custom styles go.

i have my fair share of vintage bicycles, from the 30s to the 50s, ive got my fair share of vintage cars from the 40s to the 50s, i even have a motorcycle from 1950... and i have a 2005 whizzer!

but ive made it look older.. and as im looking through my photobucket, i realize i dont have any current pictures of it..

post pictures once i become an active member!

it sits on a 50s western flyer sprung fork, white tires. its hopped up with a larger carb jet, tensioned belt and a copper head gasket. flat out i can get it up around 40-45... 50 downhill with a tailwind- its been done

as of now, its somewhat together but im really not happy with it. the wheels are falling apart because of the power it puts out, the banana seat was a parts bin dig out and the blue paint is painful to me... one day i want to tear it apart and do it right

its got a lot of power and its really heavy.

ive been interested in the 80cc's for awhile now and im planning on putting together a custom 50s spiegel airman (monark) frame with a higgins bee hive, sprung troxel and a tank.. post about that later

im glad to read less pretentious info about motorized bikes... if you know what im getting at.

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