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Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Off the top, I'd agree that going to a 36T sprocket is probably your best (and easiest) answer. The thoughts on the chain posted above might also be good to check in to. I have no doubt there are ways to change the bend in those seat stays from an 'innie' to an 'outie', (drop the wheel, put a jack in between the seat stays, and start opening it up) but that would get trickier making sure the bends stay the same (and would also weaken the seat stays, I should think).

Thanks for the thread. I hadn't really put much thought into the seat stays being a source of interference until now. I'll keep an eye out for that on frames in the future.
The easy way to bend them out is to install a bare axle of the same spacing and slip a compact car jack between the stays.
The axle will hold the rear in perfect alignment and concentrates the bend where you need it.
I flip the jack as needed to keep both sides the same.(some jacks will bend better one way than the other)
Easy peasy and it doesn't cost a dime if you have a junk rim or axle and a jack.
It won't hurt the frame unless you bend it WAY too much or buckle the frame. Use a sheet of wood or something that spreads the load to cushion the contact point if your jack tries to make a dent in the tubing instead of bending the frame rail smoothly.
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