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Originally Posted by sniperxfire View Post
Alright so i found a bmx store nearby so i dropped by and purchase KMC 410H chain. I put it on but it doesnt go through the engine sprocket but works on the big sprocket. Even if they do work, it would still touch the seat stay.

Next step is to order 36T sprocket and for sure that will fix my problem.

Again, ill keep this thread updated.
You said it wont go through (fit) the engine sprocket, this is a sure sign that you will either need to get a narrower sprocket or if you have a grinder you cna remove the sprocket with the correct puller and grind the width of the teeth down so that the narrower 410H chain will fit it properly and then hopefully you will be good to go.

Sure hope all of this works out for you buddy.

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