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Default Re: That hard tail kicking your ass at speed?

Mush as I hate to admit it, I'm about tired of the ride on my hardtail at speed.
Especially with the 36 tooth gear.
I have always hated suspension bikes because I grew up on the razor sharp handling of the hardtails, and suspension bikes feel loose and sloppy to me, unless they are high-end and far too expensive.
But lately, I've had to rethink my position on comfort due to my lower tolerance for pain and my insistence on riding so much. Getting my kidneys beat to a pulp is no longer worth it to me.
I'm seriously considering something similar on my Pig.
Your setup looks great if you can get softer springs. I think using a single spring would tend to bind and bend stuff unless you mount it centered.
You might consider grinding the outer surface of the springs to remove material and reduce the rate. As long as you keep it well cooled, the spring will retain it's temper and will still work normally. Grind a bit and check because it doesn't take much to affect the rate, and keep both sides close to the same to prevent binding.
Keep us posted whatever you do!
Be sure to keep it barely warm during grinding. If you can't hold it, it's too hot.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.

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