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Default Re: URGENT - Crank Small Gear HELP

Originally Posted by sniperxfire View Post
So im planning to change my chain.

I opened up my crank cover and found this.

The small gear is sticking out as well as the screw. The end of the screw is kinda messed up but i think i can still use it. However i cant seem to push back the small gear to its original position. Its not loose and its very tight.

I also noticed that the engine sprocket where you use the sparkplug to turn it is also loose. So i tightened that.

Im still worried about the small gear being out of place.

Any response would be appreciated.

Its common for that gear to set out a bit farther like yours is, what I would do is get you some blue thread locker (loctite) or equivalent, go ahead and remove that screw, put a few drops of the loctite on it and then put it back nice a tight, let it sit over night and you should be good to go.

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