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Default Re: Who makes this bike?

like my dad use to say when I was a kid "5 miles and 5 grand doesn't make you a biker son" Now today its "15 miles and 15 grand doesn't make you a biker son" !! I remember riding on my father Harley when I was a 5 year old kid on the front and of course and grabbing the throttle and twisting the crap out of it then getting a smack upside the head. He also had a Triumph and a Indian when I was a youngin geees this was 41 years go though.

In Plymouth Ma. when I was 9 years old my brother burned our house down to the ground with a snowmobile in the basement. The Plymouth Fire Department showed up stumbling drunk off their asses , I guess that was acceptable back then. I remember them all laughing and tripping over the fire hoses and stuff I distinctly remember the smell on their breath, this was New years even 1976 long story short all the bikers and CB'ers came together and donated like over 4 thousand dollars to my parents it was my first impression of a group of bikers, helping my family out !

These inst-a-bikers today I get a kick out of them like when I wave or say hi to them they look at me "with their tough guy faces on "as if I'm not allowed to talk to them. I remember falling asleep to the rumbling drone of on the front of my fathers bike on the way to Farmington & Rochester New Hampshire, from Cape Cod when I was about 4 or 5 years old My father would strap me to him so I couldn't fall off Today they would consider that child abuse yet it is one of my fondest memories

Kinda like this would be considered child abuse today yet these kids and dad are having soo much fun

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