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Default Re: Who makes this bike?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
This forum right here ( is by far the better, from what I have seen the idiots that were once here that ended up getting banned for there constant personal attacks on others and a few other things I'm sure went straight over to the other forum and have been allowed to act like jerks.

I'm so thankful that our managers of this excellent forum have always been quick to nip that kinda stuff in the bud, we have a great forum because of it and most people here that have been here a while are always quick to lend a hand and do there best to answer questions and give advice that they fell will help solve a problem, some people think its cute to always have a smart remark about what people say, and a colorful reply now and then is funny, but when it gets outta hand all I can think of is that I would like to knock them the heck out........! LOL!

Yep.... no doubt we have the best Moderators on the web and the best group of motorbiking people right here..... I've looked around a couple time on the other place just to see what was going on over there and was not even remotely impressed with what I saw.

Your 100% correct again Map..!! As usual,
I've never EVER had so much as a single spat from anyone on this site and I've been here for a few years. So being the kind of person who treats others as he is treated I give back much respect and then some to our members here !!

Yet over there... I've been a member for a little over a year and had 12 posts total & not a single post of mine disrespected anyone !! Yet still all **** broke loose. Nothing wrong with being rich and buying nice things .. just don't try & demean my bike because it's only worth a couple hundred bucks. I ride the **** out of my bikes I don't sit & ogle them and spend ore time on the forum than on my bike.
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