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Default Re: Who makes this bike?

You know I went to the web site "mtbr" and asked the same question with a few pictures and here are a few answers I got ..keep in mind I was nothing but respectful in every way ..and Ive been a registered member for 2 years there as well .
When I asked if any one knew "Who makes this bike " and what decals belong on it "? This are a few replies I got

"wv_bob repiles"
I think you may find that you've already spent more time on it than it's worth."

"rideit replies"
"Go ahead and put whatever pig lipstick you want, it won't matter to anyone but you!
Have you considered a Tonka decal set?"

"Zowie says"
"I'm going to take the high road, and just answer the question.
Chinese people made that bike."

Now is it me or are these guys stuck up lil Bithes
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