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Default Re: My Bike Won't Start

No, don't start over. It's rare that one of these engines can't be coaxed onto working.

There should be a spark plug cap in the spare parts / toolkit shipped with most engines. If yours came with one - put it on with a twisting motion.

Most engines ship with the ferrule on the tip of the spark plug where the wire attaches. Your wire will probably not clip onto it. Remove the ferrule by screwing it counter clockwise. They can be tight. Take care not to crack the insulator. If you do, change the plug.

Make sure
- the fuel valve is in-line with the fuel line, either up or down;
- the choke lever is all the way up; and
- try to start it again.

If it still doesn't start, move the choke lever to the half position and re-try.

Good Luck!

PS: 2door is right that a higher ratio of fuel : oil can be used. I follow the company line and use 18:1 when breaking an engine in, and 25:1 until it's out of warranty. Check with your dealer whether they'll honour the warranty if you use the higher ratio.
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