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Default What's been happening, an update

Well, it's been a little while since I've had a motorbike up and running. The bike I have my motor on at the moment needs a rebuilt rear wheel. The bike I want to put the motor on is a Trek 6000 series with disc brakes and a 9 speed cassette. The beautiful 36 tooth sprocket, that came way faster than I expected, ordered from Andyinchville1, is too close to the chain stay, the chain would rub the chain stay and ruin the frame. A shifter kit from Welcome to Sick Bike Parts would solve all these problems There's only One who can really solve all my problems.

The only thing holding me back is a lack of funds. I've not had work in about 8 months now. I get a small check each month that pays my bills, rent, internet connection and my Cricket phone. The money left over isn't enough to do anything with except get some groceries. So me getting a shifter kit probably wont happen soon.

The cheapest way for me to get rolling again is to rebuild the rear wheel, mount the 36 tooth sprocket on it and be riding again. Again the lack of funds needed makes even this option out of reach for now.

When I do get running again my motor will have the clutch kit, produced by Jim, the genius behind Creative Engineering. This thing is an absolute beauty to behold.

That's just the bike stuff. About 2 months ago, my cat, Squirrel, died. A few weeks later I had to take my dog in and have her put down. I find out my grandfather is having heart problems, he will be 82 next year. Grandma is in physical rehab now after a week in the hospital. My mother just had to go to the emergency room last week and had surgery a couple days later. She is out of the hospital and is getting better. My cousin, who is only a few years older than me, died last week. My other grandma has several blockages near her heart and needs surgery. All of these things happening this close together is something I've never had to experience before. There is so much to worry about, I'm not really sure what I am worrying about at any given time but I'm always worried about one of them.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, sometimes ya just gotta let it all out, ya know...
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