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Default Re: Rugged off road mini bike build thread.

11 inch wide 22 inch tall rear tire. Not sure right now what size that front tire is, and honestly I probably won't run it. I have another tire identical to that rear tire. I plan on using those two shocks for rear suspension, or I might not run any suspension at all with these tires. I will run a go kart torque converter (cvt) and a jackshaft moving the chain to the right side. This way I can center the motor much better and balance the bike. The tires being 22 inches tall I intend on having 9-13 inches of ground clearance. I plan on removing everything from the top of the motor (gas tank, air filter, muffler) so that the motor will be much shorter. This way I can maximize ground clearance while keeping the seat as low as possible to keep this mini bike as mini as possible.

Have you ever heard of a Rokon? Google it. I plan on build something of that class basically but smaller and NOT two wheel drive. Much smaller in a couple of ways though. Here shortly I plan on uploading some crappy ms paint initial drawings of what I want to do.

I have never built anything from scratch before. Any and all advice will be helpful. Equipment I have at my disposal are a flux mig welder, drill press, band saw, die grinder, air compressor, and of course more than enough hand tools for something like this. I do weld for a living so that won't be a problem. I will probably end up buying a pipe bender from harbor freight.

What do you guys think about running suspension? And maybe even modifying some moped/dirt bike forks for front suspension?
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