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Default My Bike Won't Start

I bought a kit on ebay for like 150, and put it together. Finally I finished after about 4 hours. The first mistake I made was I put the oil in the tank first and then the gas. I guess the carb got pure oil before I pulled the cord and flushed it out. I can't get it to start still. I got it to back fire. Is that a good sign? Is it possible that the engine has a hole and the pressure is leaking.

When I go down a hill to try and start it it sounds like it is Running but it will die as the bike slows.

The CDI cable doesn't seem to fit to the spark plug correctly
It doesn't have the black cap at the top of the Cdi Cord that attaches to the spark plug.

It does spark because i shocked my self when i was holding it to see if it did.

Perhaps I don't have the wiring right

blue to blue
black to black
yellow/red killswitch toblue
green kill to black
is that right?

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