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Default Re: New Build (raw engine)

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
Jim - You are right the front is floating on the whizzer. My Idea is that I use material that will isolate the vibration to a degree. This concept also gives stability in that the engine has no ability to be pulled to the side, as I have extended the leverage point out. On the Schwinn I have the mount straight to the frame and with the extended mount I think it excentuates the vibration, as that bike is the worst. I have a Mood Doggie and it has the smallest frame and it also has the least vibration, (could be the engine) but the engine is also in the smallest frame (captured) as it were. I will let you know how it works. I is heavy aluminum, I used the bottle mount on the top and a aircraft SS pop rivet at the bottom. Have fun, and Thanks. Dave

It may work out fine! Nothing ventured, nothing gained...You oviously have enough sense to keep track of your experiment, so go for it!

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