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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
sweet! question: what are you doing, about the rear coaster brake? not having access to a real shop w/real equipment or time to use them, i had to use 3 rubber spacers between the wheel and sprocket, to clear the chain away ffrom the 3" wide rear tire.. because of that, the coaster brake arm wouldnt fly. had to grind off the arm, and just keep the middle. and because of THAT, the nut wouldnt lock. wheel always coming loose and bearings going bad. i finally got pi$$ed enough to just ditch the rear and go for regular 26" w/2.25 tires.
Spunout, this bike is a real pain in the butt to set-up!!! follow-up on the posts, and you'll see what I did to resolve the problems...This wil be the "Big Meanie" you so appropriately named!

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