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Originally Posted by sniperxfire View Post
Thank you guys for all the responses.

Some have given me a tough solution and some others gave me easy one's. But i still appreciate for helping me.

I have only 2 things in my mind that i think can easily fix my problem without doing too much work and using machines etc...

I will be flipping the sprocket and will buy kmc 410h chain. If it still needs more space, i will have to buy 36T sprocket.

The 410H chain will surely make the best result as someone mentioned, it is always half the size of the original chain. If that so, it will surely fix my problem.

I will keep this thread updated.
The 410H chain option is a good one IF you have the narrower sprocket s that will allow the use of 410H chain. Measure the width of both of your sprockets, if they are both 1/8/.125 or less the narrower 410H chain will work on your sprockets.

You cant use a manic style adapter on the muti speed wheel.

If you flip the sprocket and eliminate one of the rubber from behind it you will likely then habe your chain against your tire.

Im gonna say that the most likely solution may be 410H chain, 36T Sprocket that is narrow enough for the 1/8" chain, and if the sprocket on the engine is to wide for the 410H chain you will need to get one that is for a skyhawk engine, not sure if you have a skyhawk dealer in Canada or not.

Personally, the cheapest and simplest thing to try first is to try a 36T sprocket to see if the reduced diameter will lower the chain enough to allow the clearance you need, it looks to me that there is a very good chance that it will.

Dan, gave what I would consider one of two last resort options which may be your only option outside of a frame mod. Second of the two would be to get a Shift Kit Setup.

I know were pulling for ya here.... so hope you can se one or more of the suggestions to solve your problem.

Best of luck.
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