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I'm Tony, and I started maintaining bicycles and engines back in 1970 at my uncle's store. It was a great summer job, and I received a solid education in both two and four cycle engines.

I put together my first motorized bicycle, and was riding around when someone offered to buy it from me. My second went the same way. Folks started noticing that I appeared to know what I was doing. I soon had bikes showing up for repair, and requests for motors and parts. So it began...

I sell Grubee SkyHawks exclusively, and carry parts for them. My business is mainly local, although I've been known to ship upon occasion.

Something I've noticed recently is that the GT5As sometimes come with 6mm cylinder studs. That's not the only difference in the engine. It also has different keys, at least for the clutch. They are sunken keys with rounded ends. I had to fabricate one, as the distributors only seem to carry the woodruff keys. It wasn't difficult using a hacksaw and file.

I got tired of the mess, and wait with contact cement to fasten rubber strips to various components that contact the bike's frame. I switched to double-sided outdoor carpet tape a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be holding up well. I use the thicker inner tubes from trailers or cars for the engine mounts, and the idler pulley bracket. Thinner bicycle inner tubes are used for everything else. Put the carpet tape on the outside of the thick tubes, as the inside often has a powder coating, and is rough. Just trim to fit, peel and stick it on.

Well, that's me, and a couple of tips from my shop. Now it's back to the engine brought in as parts in a box for installation.
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