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Default Re: New Build (raw engine)

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
I love CAD. Thanks for the help. I am trying an experiment to see if I can isolate the vibrations transmitted into the frame, so far the mount is solid. I got the idea from my Whizzer, I will keep you posted. Have fun Dave
What is that white material? It's hard to tell for sure from the photos but it loks like 18Ga. no more than 16 that has been fastened to the frame with self tapping screws?

I've got to know how this will reduce vibration if the rear is mounted firmly to the frame?

I realize you have a Whizzer to use as an engineering comparison, but I'm not getting it. I couldn't find good enough pictures of the Whizzer set-up to say for sure, but it looks thier front mount floats?

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