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Default Just a question

I thought i couldnt attach motor in this bike due to its big downtube size. But i actually brought the U-Adapter in the Canadian tire and tested it and it worked.

I assembled them and it worked. There is one problem.

The chain is touching the seat stays.

Does anyone know how i can fix this?

I will attach photo, soon.


The seat stays of this bike kinda bend to inside so this is the reason why it touches the chain.

I dont really know if this is a big problem or if it also happens to someone else. It just bothers me but if it wont cause a problem, then i will just leave it alone.

Here are the pictures:

As you can see, the chain did some minor damages on the paint of seat stay. The chain doesnt always touch the seat stay, it has little space between them but of course the chain moves everytime so it can also touch it.

Would really appreciate for some help.

NOTE: This is the bicycle

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