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Default Re: New here from Phoenix Arizona!

Originally Posted by Herdo View Post
I plan on commuting to work on my motorized bicycle which is 11 miles each way. One of the perks of living in AZ is that all of the roads are in a grid pattern, which means I can take side streets the entire way to work.

I am very worried about the law here in Arizona regarding motorized bicycles however. Apparently, anything over 48cc is illegal, and if caught going 20mph or more, your bike is then reclassified as a moped, which means you are looking at thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention having your bike impounded.

I've read a couple horror stories of people here in Phoenix having their bikes impounded, and never getting them out due to a lack of evidence of ownership (no VIN numbers or registration, etc).

Check out this website I found for details on all the bike lanes in Maricopa county:

This has helped me plan which side streets to use. My goal is to stay as far away from the busy roads as possible.

I live on the border with Glendale. A few days ago I did a 2 hour long 22 mile zigzagging ride through your city. No issues with the police so far. I keep my speed down and they've just driven past.

I thought the engine size was anything under 50cc, so 49 would be okay on the streets. I've started a collection of documentation on my bike "just in case." I've got photographic evidence of my ownership and the serial number on the bottom of the crank case. I also have kept a copy of my receipt for the purchase of the motor that states I bought a 48cc engine. I don't know what else to do but I figure something is better than nothing.

Good luck. I'm finding mine to be a lot of fun to ride.

- Andrew
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