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Default New here from Phoenix Arizona!

Hello everyone, happy to be here. I've been lurking over the past few days, taking in as much as I can. I am a complete newbie to motorized bicycles but I have an idea of what I'd like.

I found someone here on the forums who sells custom gas tanks for the Schwinn straight bar frames as well as the Schwinn frames and I think that is what I am going to be looking into.

Right now I am looking at the 49cc Hua Sheng kit with the 4G - T belt drive.

Supposedly, the 5:1 ratio (I have no idea what this means!) is the way to go, so I'd have to track one of those down.

I plan on commuting to work on my motorized bicycle which is 11 miles each way. One of the perks of living in AZ is that all of the roads are in a grid pattern, which means I can take side streets the entire way to work.

I am very worried about the law here in Arizona regarding motorized bicycles however. Apparently, anything over 48cc is illegal, and if caught going 20mph or more, your bike is then reclassified as a moped, which means you are looking at thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention having your bike impounded.

I've read a couple horror stories of people here in Phoenix having their bikes impounded, and never getting them out due to a lack of evidence of ownership (no VIN numbers or registration, etc).

I found a forum member who was apparently looking to change the laws earlier this year, but it looks like the bill died so maybe next year something will happen.

Anyway, sorry for the long introduction. I'm happy to be here and looking to learn a lot!
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