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Default Re: Sturmey Archer xfd hub and wheel assy from Husky question

Originally Posted by akohtz View Post
I got a heavy duty front wheel that was laced with one of these hubs. The stock clamp didn't come close to fitting the fat fork on my Huffy Cranbrook.

My searches here led me to this thread for ideas on how to secure the brake arm. Ultimately I came up with my own solution and thought that I would share.

I bought a split ring hanger from Lowes:

A simple 1/2 inch long bolt that fit the hanger side of the ring and a metal loop to brace the arm was all the more I needed. I think I spent $3.55 after taxes.

- Andrew
Andrew, that is a nice fix, hope you used loctite on the bolt that screws into the split ring hanger, if it were to vibrate out and that anchor arm come loose it will likely spin until the cable pulls tight and locks up the front wheel, end result will likely be high velocity FACE PLANT after a Superman launch over the bars which will send you straight into the ground faster than a speeding bullet.....LOL!

Bairdco, who is a veteran member here had that simular thing happen to him and it got really ugly for him real quick, which included surgery and broken bones...... not good.

Just wanted to mention this just in case you hadn't used some loctite, I sure hate to see another horror story on here about a lost bolt causing someone a bad injury.

again that looks really good, keep the rubber side down.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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