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Default Re: 4-stroke & jackshaft in a stock 50's straight-bar Panther frame???

After some internet digging, I think I'm ready to answer my own questions.

[S]The idea of running a chain to a jackshaft directly from the clutch simply wouldn't work as the engine would be poised too far to one side,[/S]* however, it would appear that from MotoMagz' pic of an SBP shift kit:

...along with BeaverRat's pic of an AGK jackshafted Predator:

...that the combination (while expensive) actually poses a high possibility of successfully working together. So the OP in the previously linked thread had the right idea from the beginning, seeings how it might be as easy as welding two small tabs to bolt together the engine mount and SBP shift kit bracket.

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try this for myself as new as I am to the game, but it's definitely something worth thinking about. Kk

*EDIT: This Thread contradicts the theory that the engine maybe too far to one side when not using AGK's jackshaft (see page 3).

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