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Default Re: Huffy Horror Story (kinda)

Originally Posted by CranbrookKid View Post
I've had this huffy cranbrook for about half a year and it has caused me a few headaches. First 50 mi. it rode silky smooth with a good amount of power, hit 36 mph. Then the intake studs basically fell out. Replaced those with standard thread and rode for a bit until today when the right intake stud needed replacing again. Fixed it (sorta, I couldn't fully tighten it or it would unscrew out), and went for a ride. Barely had any power and the sucker smoked like a magic show. Came home, unscrewed the head nuts, and out came the studs for the head. What to do now? I'm thinking of replacing all of the hardware(+studs) and getting a new top end. Would it be smarter in the long run to just shell out the money for a new motor?
Engine looks good to me, just replace those acorn nuts with standard M8x1.25 nuts and as to the intake stud if the threads are a bit wallard out, get you a small tube of Red loctite thread locker, put a good amount on the stud, screw it back in good and snug and let it sit over night before putting intake back on and use blue loctite on the studs before you install the nuts back on to secure intake, those nuts need to be good and snug but remember they are only M6 studs and nuts so dont get crazy with them, just good and tight and let the thread locker do the rest.
I'll bet that will get you up and running good again and prevent needing to buy a new engine.

If I missed something here I apologize but just hate to see someone spend money and go to trouble that isn't necessary.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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