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Default Re: Huffy Horror Story (kinda)

Those chrome acorn nuts are why the studs came out of the case. I'll guarantee you that if you try to remove them from the suds you'll find them bottomed out on the threads and the threads damaged.

Put the studs in a vice and get those acorn nuts off. Throw them in the trash and go buy a die, either 8mm x 1 or 1.25 thread and rethread the studs. Double nut them and torque them back in the case, 120 to 140 inch pounds, install a new head gasket and instead of the acorn nuts secure the cylinder head with shouldered/flanged hex nuts and you'll be on your way. Remove and discard the studs in your intake and exhaust manifolds and replace them with Allen head cap screws, torqued to about 60 to 80 inch pounds, use good gaskets, and you'll be on the road again.

Check the torque of those fasteners after the engine has run a couple of times and you'll be enjoying your bike again.

Oh, and while you're at it get rid of that kit spark plug boot and replace it with a good automotive quailty boot.

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