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Default My mongoose beast project

So I snagged one of these with the intention of just putting ape hangers on it. it actually rides pretty smooth and was plenty happy with it at first. Then of course my modification side took over and putting a little motor on it was the best idea ever. Its been slow going as I dont have tons of free time, but it's mega fun to work at it.

Right now, i'm working at realigning the chain and rear sprocket because it seems the sprocket keeps 'walking' off the chain at random. Also, tuning the CNS carb. I may put the original kit carb on just for break in and to shake out other kinks first. So far, no riding yet though. I also want to better mount the carb as i had to swing it out to the side for clearance. Used a thick hose to do that, need to stop by the store for a thicker diameter one.

Its real rough right now. I need to clean up wires and cables and hide my crappy welds, but it's sparked to life and i'm enjoying the project. Thanks to you guys for the helpful threads!

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