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Default noobie w lots of kit to buy? where from?

Ok, I'm hooked. I restore old cars, pinball machines, anything mechanical. I've got a trek mamba 29er bad ass mountain bike and the guy I ride with has the same trek and an electra rat rod.

I came across a genesis onyx on craigslist and picked it up for $70. I was thinking of adding a motor but the bike has 1" handlebars, coaster brakes (which I hate..i'm adding front side pull) and a big ass frame.

I was told that the grubee skyhawk was the best engine to use.

Looking online I came across this site and all the vendor ads. seems like kings is the same as, so I called them and they are out of the kits. they said they are getting some in the next week but the piston and head are not assembled but the kit is $128 shipped !!! very good price, but not too happy about the engine assembly.
I also dont mind paying a bit more for a quality kit.

so, the onyx looks to be difficult to use. As I was surfing the net, I came across the micargi stretched bikes and fell in love. I wanted the puma gts (not the 3.0) and found it everywhere for $380 plus shipping, or $440 from amazon in red or blue. I was getting ready to order when I came across the Black (which is what I wanted anyway) on amazon for $238 SHIPPED !!! holy crap - i ordered one right away. wont be here till october tho.

So now I'm shopping for an engine kit. piston bikes is out of bizness and others are "sketchy". I really want the skyhawk kit.

here's some questions :

1 - what is the better carb - the NT or the CNS ?
2 - the micargi is a 68 spoke wheel..will I have problems with this ?
3 - gears and a jackshaft look very desireable. maybe a nexis hub ???
4 - the micargi has coaster brakes. can I put a disk brake setup on the front? where would I find the parts ???
5 - can I put an engine on the Onyx ???

I'm pretty good at fabricating brackets and stuff, so if I run into problems during installation I can probably fab something.

6 - can I upgrade performance with the skyhawk ? (jakes bikes looks promising)

thanks guys. right now I'm just trying to figure out who has the best kit and what I should order..

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