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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by NunyaBidness View Post
Yeah, you're not the only one. I received the clutch kit from his post in this thread First of all the clutch kit came very fast, was nicely packaged, and I could tell just by looking at all the little parts in it, it is VERY nicely done.

I am impressed every time I see something Creative Engineering has made, be it a bike or any of the other things he has made.
The name he got here really fits him, to a T.

I've not installed his kit yet but that's a topic for another thread, maybe tomorrow.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked your clutch kit. These projects take time, but eventually I'm going to have a series of universal replacement parts that will work on most of the bikes that are available. Fotunately the price of metal is dropping...

I look at it like this...It wasn't long ago that engine kits were $250.00, now they're just over $100. If I make a multi-stage kit with the most elaborate costing about $100, the customer will be at the same price as before with a waaaay nicer kit. I know this sort of thing will not be for everyones budget, I'm really figuring it will be the repeat build guys and gals that will want the nicer parts.

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