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Default Rugged off road mini bike build thread.

First of all HELLO EVRYONE
Its been years since I have been on this site. I have built a couple of motorized bikes in my day. if you want to see the second bike that I buolt just look up my threads here on the forums.

will be a purpose-built mini bike for camping fishing and off road trails. I will build as rugged and durable and salad as I practically can. This bike
be used primarily for accessing camping sites that are in the deep in the woods

I will be building this by complete from scratch. That includes fabricating the frame. I'm a welder by trade now and I'm getting free one by one 14 gauge tubing from work which will be used to fabricate a friend. I have a welder my garage.

I have yet to draw up plans but I do have some good ideas and when I do draw plans up I want to run them by you guys first and get your opinions. I have selected a motor and the 212 cc Harbor Freight predator motor. 6.5 horsepower 8.1 to torque. This should be more power than I need. Therefore I plan to use a belt pulley centrifugal clutch CVT system. I remember Evan here on the forums use 79 CC Harbor Freight bicycle he built years ago. I intend on planning on figuring out which clutch pulley system using using this. I have also picked up a pair of small sprung shocks from a local off roading shop for 20 bucks. I plan on making the rear tire dealer from 12 to 16 inches wide and running a low air pressure off about 12-13 psi. I also intend on making a removable expendable rear rack to carry my camping and fishing gear.

I'm really looking forward to this should be lots of fun. Let me know what you guys think. I'll be sure to keep this thread updated.
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