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hi everyone following my posts

I did get a slew of pictures taken today

I will or my friend will set about posting

if all else fails I will have them put onto a disk and mail the disk to racie or silverbear or ??? to get them posted before leaving town Monday

thanks--- I think the pics came out pretty good all things considered but the bikes are still roughed out with bits to be hacked off or made use of in inventive/creative ways but everyone should be able to get the idea

moving maybe a hundred bikes/frames to adams along with a heap of machinery metal and assorted goodies
I am most encouraged by what I think will be a successful tank business with motorized bicycles addressed but there are millions of motorcycle riders world-wide I think eager willing and able to dress their bike with a tank that does not exist and will be most unique and distinguishing

the tank photos are just to give everyone just some thing to think about but are in no way finished ---they are mock ups ---not cut to size and front and rear ---cut and finish and surface as well as bottom cut out and mounting fixtures etc
just to get something posted for everyones consideration--
just to get some idea of one sort of many many designs all very different from one another

still a load of stuff to get from the front yard to adams blvd 2 or three heaping gmc loads with the hydraulic tailgate down each day

my weary bones

anyway having fun and turned on

ride safe sing :this is how we do it and let your mind soar
over and out ---- buba

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