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Red face Re: Anti Theft Idea

For 2Door and BarelyAWake, I agree with what you guys are saying. It was an idea that popped into my head that I decided to post before I gave it much though. The feedback is much appreciated and it seems very likely it would cause major problems. Also, lock wise, I use two U Bolts to lock up my bike to bike racks so lock security isn't a problem, it's just finding a place where it won'
t stand out as much. Do you think it may be a good idea to either

A. Hide in plain sight with the dozens of other bikes locked up in front of my school
B. Find a bike rack somewhere out of the way that is less traveled?

To Trey, I wonder where the best place to lock it up would be..? I LOVE the idea of making a waterproof cover!!! That seems like a great idea to obscure the obviousness that it is motorized while keeping it safe from the weather! I could even make a heavy duty set of eyelets at the bottom to use a little lock to keep it closed! Do you think I should worry about some stupid teenage coming by and slashing it open? That seems like a risk I am willing to take for such an awesome way to conceal it in plain sight! Thanks for the idea! Any response would be much appreciated!
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