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Originally Posted by 60weight View Post
What would be Your perfect 2 stroke bike.
Ive wondered while building some...
Lots of things Ive considered...tensioners..carbs...frames...pipes... wheels...
Oh,Im poor. either drink or spend money on kits/parts..smiling..
Cranny? or Dyno? maybe a old bike..
I like the older 49cc motors. They are faster.
Shall I make more income puttin them together like the rest of us?
If I was rich, I'd get the Kreidler 50cc 2-stroke. They;ve been modified to produce 24hp if I remember correctly, and have a 5-speed gearbox. Someone built a custom frame on small bike wheels and it'll do 0-60mph in 4 seconds.

However if we're talking strictly HT's, I'd build something similar to 16v's KTM50 cafe racer, but with Arrow's 9hp motors.
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