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Welcome to the forum. Another Colorado rider, that's good.

First, what fuel to oil ratio are you using. If you're trying the suggested 16:1 as most installation manuals will tell you, don't. Move down to at least 24:1.

Second, you shouldn't waste time trying for the perfect plug color until you've put a couple of hundred miles on the engine. The break in period will vary depending on your break in procedures. The plug color really isn't going to tell you much right now. In fact you might run the engine a little lean trying to lighten up the color until the piston rings seat.

As for the engine quiting after a few moments of running, there are several things to check. One being that the fuel tank cap is venting properly. Another is that fuel is flowing to the carburetor from the tank. Almost without exception the kit supplied fuel tanks will have dirt and rust that will clog the in-tank filter as well as carburetor jets and float valves. We suggest an in-line filter between the tank and carb and cleaning the tank before installing it.

Get back to us with any developments.

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