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Default Re: coaster brake install

Originally Posted by squire View Post
well got the sprocket on the wheel wheel nice and flush! now im reinstalling the coaster brake and i was wonder how tight these two nuts should be it seems if i tighting them to much the axel wont spin its this correct? or should they just be tight enough to let the axel spin freely
The nut you have circled is the lock nut, not the part that is meant to adjust the tension of the bearings. (there is no adjustment necessary on the brake arm side). The cone, which is next to it is the nut that you adjust to get the correct amount of play in the hub, then you tighten the lock nut while holding the cone still. This is all done with the wheel on the bike, with the brake arm side of the axle tight in the frame. If you tighten the outer axle nut(chain side) and the hub starts binding, then you need to back the cone out a small amount to make up for it. You just have to watch someone do it correctly once, then it will seem easy after that.

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