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Default Re: Is this possible?

Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
Triple tress I've shopped all have disc caliper tabs. and side pull mountable
The trees this customer put on his bike before he brought it for motorizing were way to long but half the time that is what the customer with TT's wants so a side pull is out but like most all has a disc boss.

The Macargi TOS3.0 has 24" wheels with a gazillion spokes and there is no hub for that my bike shop could find would take a disc so new wheel.
$145 installed by the shop (disc wheel and caliper) so that is not a cheap good brake option with triple tree fork but a darn good one.

Different color rim (Macargi and their red rims, ergh) but 26" and 36 black spokes so his old style speedo will be true and a larger front wheel is common on choppers.

Speaking of the old wheel if anyone is interested in it contact me.

With the customer desired big Wizzer tank that chopper is getting, it's over all wheelbase, and the T's limiting turning this thing will need a whole parking lot to do a U turn in, heck even moving it around the shop is a pain ya know?

Again I like the chopper look, I just wouldn't want to live with one ;-}
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