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Lightbulb Re: Anti Theft Idea

In theory, it sounds good to me! It's probably not a good idea though, it'll likely cause more problems than it's worth.
A good lock, and most importantly location are your best weapons here. Can you put your bike somewhere near the office? Or somewhere else there's a lot of people nearby, or coming and going?
This also reminds me of an idea I had; how about a cover? Like a car cover. If you know someone (grandma etc) that has a sewing machine, maybe you can get one whipped up. Do a search for lightweight, even waterproof materiel, and don't forget to make a stuff bag to carry it in.
Don't shock anybody. You and/ or your parents (or whoever), may be in for serious legal trouble- it's the way things are now.
Good luck!
It's cooler to not fall off your bike.
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