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I just hate when you write something and get timed out so you have to do it all over again!!

ran back to the scrap yard hoping to find the shop fox table -it is not there but the yard manager knows the character who had bought it--
I am trying to get in touch with him to cut a deal--- time will tell???

gave my circular saw and angle grinder a good work out trimmed the pallet rack to size and the left overs will make excellent strong work tables

sweet talked my wife into giving me a hand with some light weight objects that can go into some upper storage tomorrow

also it is crunch time in that I have a sh-- load of stuff to get from my front yard to adams in 6 days before some travels

smart thing to do would be to hire the big rig at uhaul close by and a few big heavy weights and get everything into the rig and thrown out at adams--
always a back up consideration

i hope my back and partially torn -rotor cuff shoulder holds out --it better!!!!

only problem is the big rig will not fit into the alley --- the gmc barely does so a lot of manhandling is in order

racie-- my photographer friend is also supposed to show up tomorrow -- bare in mind whatever eventually gets posted is premature but I feel it is imperative that I post something given all my ranting

the good stuff will have to wait for my return

gas tank business to follow -- I am stoked!!!

ride safe ---sing " this is how we do it" and let your mind soar!!!

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