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Default Re: Anti Theft Idea

Maybe a small tactical nuke? Or a very big dog?

Seriously, are you trying to prevent tampering or total theft of the bike? Vandalizing is going to be hard to prevent. Short of a full time guard or parking the bike where you can see it, keeping some bonehead from messing with it is almost impossible.

Bike theft can be thwarted in several ways. A local news station just ran a segment on bike theft and the general consensus was that the 'U' lock was the most effective deterrent. They're hard to cut with bolt cutters, unlike cables or chain and most thiefs would rather move on to easier pickings that to mess with one.
Very heavy chain, 3/8" or thicker is another way but a lot of weight to carry around.

Master Lock company has, or had something called 'StreetCuffs'. There were beefy shackles that were connected by what looked like super heavy bicycle chain. They were pricy and I haven't seen them around for a while.

As for a fence charger; where are you going to plug it in? Most run on house (110 volt) current.

Good luck. Let us know what you come up with.

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