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Default Re: Anti Theft Idea

Smells like regret to me... three potential examples;

1. You forgot to turn it off.
2. A child thought it was awesome until.
3. Pending retribution.

There's countless stories of folks in urban areas that thought they'd discourage tampering & theft by setting up "traps" to protect their car/radio/whatever, the only two outcomes I recall were failure and/or revenge, they'd come back to find their radio gone anyway and/or their car a smoking hulk.

TBH should I be parking my bike in a rack & have the one next to it bite me if I only accidentally touched it... well... even my normally good intentions & relatively calm demeanor prolly won't be enough to prevent a sudden urge to smash...

It's something to consider anyway, as is any number of more conventional bike alarms & locks
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