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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

I raced a hoped up Honda Z50 on an Ice rink years ago. We put small carriage bolts from the inside out and left some threads showing to grip the ice, worked great (but it was hard on the tubes). used gaffers tape to cover up the heads of the bolts that worked. Screws do not work, you would think the sharp ends would be best but we left him in the ice spray. We never got to use the rink again, (it was our buddy that ran the Zamboni) said he worked all night to get the ice ready for the figure skaters in the morning and the ice was still rough. We near had snow out here yesterday, it was all around but not for us, the last time in Long Beach was in the 60's. I would try it if we get some. LOL. Have fun, Dave

PS: I still have the bike, and that was 30 years ago.
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