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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I finished running the pipe to the rear on The Pig today, after a long trip downtown. I got tired of smelling exhaust every time I turned around.
A tiny bit quieter as well. Need to repack the silencer with some excellent 3m scuff pad like material I scored from the side of the road. I think it's industrial air filter, has a texture just like a 3m scuff pad and holds up very well as packing. Much longer than fiberglass...
Maybe tomorrow.
Downtown by the bluff before the pipe work.

The longer pipe finished!

Also saw an old customer for some repairs. He broke his coaster brake retainer and spun the bearings all out of whack. Fixed him right up. Thrilled to see my frame repair and mount are holding up just fine.
Man I still LOVE these beefy wheels! Owner still won't sell it to me.
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