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Default Re: Is this possible?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Man I can't stand triple tree forks on a ride.
Besides killing the turning radius only while walking it to put the bike away and denting the gas tank triple trees have bumper stops which prevent that from happening) no matter the fork you can dent your tank that 'solid feel' ride is like a brick no worse than any hard nose you're used to and they usually leave you few inexpensive braking options. Triple tress I've shopped all have disc caliper tabs. and side pull mountable

Triple trees look cool but I'll take a mountain bike front fork with V and disc brake bosses on it over anything.
Great strength, really great ride, and good cheap brake options.
There are plenty that will drop in a 1" beach cruiser using the original forks hardware, I would not use a 1" suspension fork on any Motored Bike. You will experience the fork twitch during braking. 1 1/8 works fine no twitch I can typically get one for ~$50 from my local bike shop.

Anyway that's just just me, I look forward to seeing how yours turns out as I do really like the 'chopper' look, You need not settle for the chopper look. Buy the 32" tree not the "36just on someone elses ride ;-}
I respect that--- to each his own
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