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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by BonusParts View Post
I ordered a proper GT5 Cylinder direct from kingsmotorbikes where i bought the original kit. I'm hoping that does the trick once I do my own special work to it

Parts of the video. Mostly the last 2 segments of it. The initial clips are when it was running very well - not 100%. When it was perfect the bike would do a GPS verified 43.62mph. During the nighttime clips it was right around 38mph.

somewhere i lost my top end. Either way, i've gotten a new cylinder body coming ready to port and smooth out and toss on the bike. Hoping that will cross the 40 mark again with the timing corrected.

in the meantime while i wait for parts to arrive i have to get 2 snapped front motor mount studs out of my friend (seen in the video) matt's bike. somehow he sheared them off and didnt notice until right before we nearly embarked on a 80mi journey yesterday!
Hope you get things fixed up and back to good soon.
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