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Default Re: which freewheel ?

I'm putting the rim into and old 1950's Hiawatha/Gambles balloon tire bike...Not much clearence but just enough...As for the other question...I'm a fairly mechanical person but I have NO idea what a standard BMX freewheel size is...Im 41 and gave up BMX racing at about 16 so its been a long while since Ive had a bike apart...I see your going to be offering these hubs on rims, do everyone a favor and give them a choice of a freewheel and intall it for them would ya ? Ha ha. I'm sure if you offer it at a fair price you will sell tons of them...I for one will buy one if I ever do this again...Taking it to a bike shop to have all this work done on the rim is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE A** !!! Especially since most bike shops HATE the idea of a motor on a bike.

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