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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Tinkering is a favorite pastime of mine too. I just got done taking a little bit of slack out of the headset. It'd probably been there for a while but I decided to get around to it. Then I went over the whole bike checking for loose stuff. Nothing else.
I'm not bragging, really - my bike is hard to tinker on. I can fine-tune sometimes, but I worked so hard getting it together the best way I could that nothing much happens with it (*knocking on wood*). For a cheap Dax China Girl, she has always been more reliable than even my old Dodge Caravan, and that's saying a lot (*beating hard on some wood*). Before I jinx myself further, I'll just finish by saying that once I'd satisfied myself that no more tinkering could be done, I rode that girl for a good long while.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting a motorbike that is an extension of your personal taste and fashion sense; if you must ride somewhere, I say do it with style!"
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